I first became aware of the TIL (Today I Learned) acronym when browsing Reddit. The concept stuck with me and I wanted to put together somewhere to catalogue breakthroughs and new learnings.

As a Lead Front-end Developer, I spend a lot of time reading and trying new technologies. I also re-learn or develop new understandings about what I already know well. It is the nature of the job.

In wanting to create this blog, I approached it as I often do, and tried to combine multiple new concepts into one project. So this blog is built with Hugo and hosted on Netlify with continuous integration.

I have explored Hugo as an alternative to Wordpress for a simpler project and I really like writing in Markdown. Netlify feels like magic. Being able to push a commit to my GitHub repo and see the change reciprocate to this site is exciting! If you like my Hugo theme, you can find it here.